About Me

  • I help Coaches, Trainers and Independent Professionals with their marketing, sales and product development needs. email me at kirsten@kirstenfarris.com

Bulldogs are:

  • Tenacious! Did you know that they were bred to fight bulls that are more than 10 times their size? They could do that by hanging on to thier noses and and not let go. Now that's focus!

Go Ugly Early!

  • Going Ugly Early means from a content standpoint, get your stuff out there, and let the market tweak and fine tune it for you. Blogs are a perfect way to do that. Be willing to set yourself up for both positive and negative feedback and roll with the punches. A picture perfect manuscipt that has only had your critical eye on it's pages isn't doing anything. Get your message out, and see what happens!

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